Belated snowfall boosts Bulgaria’s ski resorts

After many snowless weeks, Bulgaria’s major ski resorts welcomed the snowfall that reached the country this past weekend – but even during the days of artificial powder, have been seeing positive trends in tourist numbers so far this winter season.

Bansko reported an increase in tourist numbers with the advent of the snow. For the resort, another stimulus has been the start of the children’s winter holidays in Turkey which have meant a notable increase in the number of Turkish tourists.

Bansko ski resort chief Ivan Obreikov told local media that the snowfall meant that new ski tracks could be opened. Previously, there had been problems in providing artificial snow because temperatures were too high for snow-making machines to operate.

Just a week before temperatures plummeted to bring snow to Bulgaria, parts of the country had seen temperature records set that represented daytime highs, in some cases, not seen for several decades.

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(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)