Poland’s shale gas disappointment

Two years ago, shale gas was being heralded as the key to a prosperous, energy independent Poland, and Central Europe as a whole was looking forward to a shale gas revolution like the one that has transformed the US economy.

Today, several multinational energy companies have withdrawn from the region, disappointed by poor exploration results, excessive red tape, and protests by residents over the controversial gas-extraction process known as ‘fracking.’

On October 9, anti-fracking protesters across Europe celebrated as the European Parliament passed new directives requiring companies to carry out environmental impact assessments for shale gas exploration and extraction projects.

Among the cheerleaders were the activists of Occupy Chevron – an anti-fracking group that has been occupying a field near the Polish village of Żurawlów, close to the city of Zamość, since June. They have been preventing the US energy giant from drilling an exploratory well on the site, permission for which was granted six years ago by the Polish government.

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(Photo: Karol Karolus)