Greek government survives censure motion

Greece’s coalition government survived a censure motion brought by main-opposition SYRIZA.

The government emerged from the vote of no confidence unscathed as left-wing SYRIZA and the opposition parties supporting the motion were far short of the 151 votes in the 300-seat House for it to stand. 153 MPs voted against the notion as conservative deputy N. Kaklamanis was abroad and PASOk MP Th. Tzakri voted in favor of the motion and was immediately expelled from the party.

SYRIZA submitted the censure motion last Thursday, after a police raid on the occupied headquarters of former state broadcaster ERT last Thursday, claiming that Samaras’s coalition lacked a popular mandate for its austerity policies.

The Prime Minister stated in Parliament that SYRIZA is playing a dangerous game at a critical time for the country as the negotiation with troika officials is ongoing. “Your politics are finished and now the revolution is also finished for you” the PM said adding that gegeral elections will take place no sooner than 2016.

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(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)