Serious defects in Bulgaria-Romania Danube Bridge 2, Bulgarian transport minister says

An inspection by Bulgarian officials has found 20 serious defects in Danube Bridge 2, opened in mid-June 2013 and which links the Bulgarian city of Vidin with Romania’s Calafat, according to Transport Minister Daniel Papazov.

There is concern that the defects could worsen in winter if water leaking through cracks in the surface ices and expands.

Danube Bridge 2 was hailed as a great step forward when it opened, in part because the new facility relieves the pressure on the ageing Danube Bridge 1 at the Bulgarian city of Rousse. Since its opening, it has drawn huge amounts of road freight traffic.

Recent reports said that there was a pothole in the bridge, but speaking to local media, Papazov was quoted on October 21 as saying, “I do not understand why you talk about a hole in Danube Bridge 2 because there are many holes and a whole series of problems”.

A crucial problem was that drainage was poor, meaning that water accumulated under the asphalt, according to Papazov.

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(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)