The great Greek ‘no’ to fresh austerity measures

While it is not yet known when the troika will return to Athens to resume talks on progress made in the Greece’s adjustment program, one thing is certain. On arrival, Greece’s entire political spectrum will be adamant that the economy – and the Greek people for that matter – cannot bear any more harsh fiscal measures.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has been reiterating in all his latest public appearances and speeches that the government will draw the line at imposing new measures should troika inspectors request more austerity.

Speaking in Brussels this week, Samaras said “no” to new horizontal measures and emphasised the need for solidarity and responsibility in Europe while underlining that Greeks have made great sacrifices that cannot be ignored.

Also this week, in a meeting with Euro Working Group chief Thomas Wieser in Athens, Samaras made clear that he will not accept new austerity measures being pushed on Greece and reminded the EU official that in November 2012 it was agreed that Greece will make sure deficits are cut while international lenders guarantee debt relief.

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(Photo: Council of the European Union)