Bulgaria in talks on redirecting refugees to neighbouring countries

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry was holding active consultations and talks on redirecting refugees to neighbouring countries, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev said, against a background of a continuing increase of refugees entering Bulgaria across the Turkish border, mainly from Syria.

“There are refugees from various nationalities, but most of them are Syrian and are families with small children. There are Muslins and Christians among them, as Muslims are majority. According to the estimations of the expected number of refugees that will enter the country by the end of the year and based on the needed resources it was reckoned that the means for upkeep for each of them amounts to 1084 leva (about 542 euro),” Yovchev told an October 3 meeting of a parliamentary committee.

A total of 5815 people had been detained at the border since the beginning of the year to the end of September, which is seven times more that the same period last year. In September 2013 alone, 2377 people had been detained, he said.

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