Bulgarian anti-government protests reach third month on September 14

As Bulgaria heads for the autumn of 2013, after three months of protests demanding the resignation of the Bulgarian Socialist Party minority government, the same questions come up time and again – but the answers remain in the realm of speculation.

The questions are, will the protesters give up, in the face of the apparent determination of the government not to resign – or will there indeed be early elections, and if so, what must happen to bring these about?

September 14 marks the third month since the crescendo of outrage among many thousands of Bulgarians after the hasty election in Parliament, with the votes of BSP and Movement for Rights and Freedoms MPs, of controversial figure Delyan Peevski as head of the State Agency for National Security.

Strictly speaking, protests against the government formed by the BSP in collaboration with the MRF had started before then, but it was the Peevski appointment – subsequently withdrawn in the face of public indignation – that inspired the anti-government protests to a new level.

The anti-government protests have been overwhelmingly and routinely peaceful, and have seen a constant stream of innovative and creative ways to press home the daily demand “resignation” from the protesters.

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(Photo: Noresharski.com)