Romania’s Basescu lashes out at Budapest: Hungary has become a regional hotbed of instability

Romanian President Traian Basescu delivered a virulent speech on August 12 against recent controversial statements by a series of Hungarian politicians concerning the Magyars’ quest for autonomy and warned Bucharest would seek “to teach Hungary to know its place”.

“Romania will assume the leadership of teaching Hungary to know its place since Hungary has become a hotbed of instability in the region in terms of policies concerning the minorities,” Basescu said during a summer university in Izvoru Muresului, a town in the Hungarian majority inhabited area of Romania.

“Romania has so far remained reserved but we think we have got to the point when our reserves have to be set aside and teach Budapest where its place is. I am sure Budapest will understand the warning,” Basescu added.

He also accused Hungarian politicians of becoming “too indecent” and warned as of next year they will not be able to roam around Romania and attend the work of summer universities where they can make irresponsible statements.

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