Bulgarian anti-government ‘protest network’ set up, provocateurs attempt disruption

A “Protest Network” has been set up by a group of people involved in the anti-government protests in Bulgaria, with the launch news conference attracting a group from pro-government media and other circles that sought to disrupt the event.

The new Protest Network is intended to bring together existing online anti-government networks to improve co-ordination and the exchange of views among them, while maintaining the horizontal nature of the organisation and not establishing a hierarchy.

Among the protestors who took part in the news conference were blogger Asen Genov, writer and journalist Yasen Atanasov, actor Ivaylo Zahariev, media expert Justine Toms, poet Ivan Dimitrov, musician Luchezar Kosev and Teodor Mihaylov.

“The Protest Network is created in order to accumulate suggestions from the people in the protest, and not to command as a political party would,” was the message from participants in the August 7 news conference conference. “We stand not against any particular party, but against the mafia in the government of this country”.

The Protest Network describes itself as an independent structure. It said that it did not claim to speak on behalf of all anti-government protesters.

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(On August 7, anti-government protesters and journalists again gathered outside the entrance of the Euxinograd holiday residence in the coastal city of Varna, focus of an ‘occupy’ campaign as part of the series of protests that have continued for more than 56 days. Photo: The Sofia Globe)