Film review: Trance

One couldn’t imagine a more appropriate title than this one. Danny Boyle, who last directed James Franco in the cinematic one-man show 127 Hours, in which a character stuck in a canyon eventually becomes dehydrated, leaving him in an unforgettable trance-like state, has made a very seductive piece of entertainment in Trance. It will leave you slightly bewildered but also drunk on the beautiful imagery that all seems to belong to the same story, but even with all the pieces in hand it is difficult to know what the puzzle looks like as a whole until the very end.

The film starts off in very straightforward fashion as the main character, Simon Maxwell (James McAvoy), who works as an art auctioneer at a local auction house, guides us through the security process the company has for dealing with the almost inevitable attempts to rob a valuable painting at a public auction. Simon’s explanation is crystal-clear and we feel there is nothing he is leaving out. He even looks into the camera at numerous points during the scene, establishing eye contact and inviting us to trust him.

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