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  • Film review: Lincoln
    January 25, 2013, by Andre Crous of The Prague Post

    A rumor is currently doing the rounds that U.S. President Barack Obama invited a number of members of Congress to join him for a screening of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln when […]

  • Turkey aids Iran through gold trade
    January 25, 2013, by Dorian Jones of VOANews

    Banks in Turkey continue to send gold to Iran despite U.S. pressure to curb a booming gold-for-gas trade, which helps Iran skirt international sanctions. This month, Turkish customs grounded a […]

  • Betelgeuse hurtles toward massive collision
    January 25, 2013, by VOANews

    A new photo of the star Betelgeuse reveals dramatic events unfolding a mere 643 light years away from Earth. The photo, which provides the far-infrared view of the star, shows […]