Movie preview: For film buffs, 2013 will very likely be a year to remember

All the nominations and marketing buzz of awards season usually focuses the attention of those outside the United States on the big films that we’ll get to see very soon. The beginning of 2013 will bring an unusually large batch of films made by some of the top directors in the industry, and although there are bound to be some disappointments, we will almost certainly be a few that will stand the test, not just of the members of the Academy and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but of all time.

Locally, 2013 will begin with a bang. One of the most talked-about films of the year is Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, an examination of the 16th president of the United States that closely follows his gentle arm-twisting and charming of the many players who would eventually pass the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a shoe-in for best actor everywhere, and this may turn out to be Spielberg’s most critically acclaimed film since Schindler’s List.

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