Hungary: Angry backlash against Roma

Hundreds of people attended the burial of Kata Bándy in Szekszárd on Monday as more gathered in Pécs, some to condemn “Gypsy crime” and others to condemn anti-Roma racism.
Bándy, a 25-year-old police psychologist, disappeared in the early hours of Sunday 8 July as she walked home from a Saturday evening birthday party in Pécs. Forensic experts put the estimated time of her death at 4 to 5am, after recordings from security cameras showed her walking a few hundred metres from her home, but she was only reported missing when she failed to turn up at work on the following Monday.
Her naked body was found three days later in a nearby area of underbrush and a suspect, László Péntek, arrested on the following Sunday after road checks and a news blackout were imposed.

(Photo: Hoffer Gábor/