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  • Truck drivers have enough: Blockade of Danube Bridge 2
    May 31, 2017, by Imanuel Marcus

    Bulgarian truck drivers blocked the bridge connecting the Bulgarian town of Vidin with Calafat in Romania for four hours yesterday. They demand faster borders checks on the Romanian side. It […]

  • Romania protests: No flash in the pan
    February 10, 2017, by Alex Bivol

    Romania rarely features in international media, yet the scenes of mass demonstrations in Bucharest and other major cities last week may feel oddly familiar to Western TV audiences. Large-scale protests […]

  • Romanian PM calls for repeal of corruption decree
    February 5, 2017, by VOANews

    Following widespread demonstrations across Romania, the country’s prime minister called Saturday for the repeal of a decree decriminalizing official misconduct. “Tomorrow [Sunday], we will hold a government [cabinet] meeting to ...