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February 23, 2018, by The Sofia Globe staff

The first Bulgarian exposition for startup innovative companies Sofia Startup Expo 2018 (SSE) will take place in Sofia in March this year. Sofia Startup Expo 2018 is a trade show […]

Lukov and his Legionnaires: The record speaks

February 15, 2018, by Clive Leviev-Sawyer

The organisers of the 2018 Lukov March, at a news conference this week, denied that the general in whose honour the march is held was an anti-Semite & ...

Why the Bulgarian Government could be bolder – part 2

January 5, 2018, by Howard Rosen

My article posted on November 11 2017 created an amazing response: nearly 2000 people clicked through to The Sofia Globe from my LinkedIn posting. It ...

Innovative School: Project-based learning at the American College of Sofia

December 1, 2017, by The Sofia Globe staff

No more dead parrot-fashion learning. No more rote learning by passive pupils. Let us enter the age of Project Based Learning – and see why the ...

  • Paris primer: rundown on climate talks
    November 30, 2015, by Rosanne Skirble of VOANews

    Despite the recent terrorist attacks in the French capital, the climate meeting set for November 30-December 11 in Paris will go ahead as scheduled. Here’s a primer on what the […]

  • Opinion: Looking away from the Greece-Macedonia border
    November 24, 2015, by Bernd Riegert of Deutsche Welle

    Following the reprehensible terror attacks in Paris, politicians and the media have understandably concentrated on the security situation, the hunt for perpetrators and the fight against “Islamic State.” However, refugees [&hell ...

  • What’s on: Kinomania 2015
    November 9, 2015, by The Sofia Globe staff

    Kinomania Film Festival returns to Sofia for its 29th annual edition, between November 12 and 29. This year’s event does not have a particular focus, but, as usual, film aficionados […]