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  • Opinion: The Erdogan-Trump rivalry turns dangerous
    August 16, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    Turkey is a country in crisis, the Lira’s freefall being a case in point. President Erdogan needs to tackle this, but a diplomatic row with the US could force him […]

  • Opinion: Brexit has reached a dead end
    August 15, 2018, by Bernd Riegert of Deutsche Welle

    The UK’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union are at an impasse — that’s according to Prime Minister Theresa May. In a letter to her own divided Conservative party, she […]

  • An unexpected gift thrown into the bin
    May 22, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Hastily enough, Zoran Zaev’s proposal to renaming fYROMacedonia into Republica Illindenska Makedonija was dismissed by most Greek political parties. Above all, the rejection of the proposal in the heat of […]