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  • Partners for Life: Europe’s unanswered ‘Eastern Question’
    October 27, 2017, by Andrew Wilson of the European Council on Foreign Relations

    Next month the Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit convenes for the fifth time. This could be a crucial moment for the future of the European Union’s neighbourhood policy: the partnership holds […]

  • What to do about Turkey?
    October 17, 2017, by Fredrik Wesslau of the European Council on Foreign Relations

    Turkey will be on the menu as European leaders meet for dinner in Brussels on October 19, but it won’t be a happy meal. Relations between the EU and Turkey […]

  • What Europe can do for the Western Balkans
    October 14, 2017, by Vessela Tcherneva

    The Balkans are not as exciting as they once were. The large-scale violence that made the region a central concern of European policy in the 1990s is no longer a […]