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October 9, 2015, by Mark Snowiss of VOANews

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, angered by Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria, warned Moscow on Thursday that Ankara may look elsewhere for partners to supply natural gas and build its […]

Putin’s latest Crimea spin attempts new narrative

March 18, 2015, by Mark Snowiss of VOANews

As Russia marks the one-year anniversary of Crimea’s annexation from neighboring Ukraine, the Kremlin is putting forth a new narrative in what analy ...

Bulgaria key battleground in US-Russia energy war

February 24, 2015, by Mark Snowiss of VOANews

As the US wages a high-profile campaign against Russia over Ukraine, it is also battling Kremlin-dominance on another front – energy in Eastern Euro ...

Poland ‘frontline’ in US effort on Ukraine

June 4, 2014, by Mark Snowiss of VOANews

When U.S. President Barack Obama chose Poland to begin a four-day European trip, he sent a message about the country’s importance in the attempt ...

  • Russia’s anti-gay law sparks backlash
    August 14, 2013, by Mark Snowiss of VOANews

    Russia will host the Winter Olympics in Sochi six months from now, the World Cup in 2018 and is bidding for the World Expo in 2020. But a new law […]