Online shopping in Bulgaria part 1: Craft beer

Beer and wine: both are my favourite things to orders online. And I think many other people are starting to realise that online ordering is the way to go here in Bulgaria.

Beer O’ clock

The lockdown often means beer at 6pm for me, and sometimes I gather a few friends in a group virtual drinking video call. Now that more of you enjoy real craft beer and that it is now widely available in Bulgaria and, increasingly, in Bansko, I thought it was time to share with you what I enjoy in lockdown. website currently has 335 beers from 16 countries. A simple site that makes for a straightforward ordering process. Rosti, the owner, has shops in Sofia and also offers free next day delivery to your nearest Ekont office (or to your exact address in Sofia district). 100beers is a super easy way I know to get your hands on real craft beer from around the world.

Full Disclosure: I know 100beers owner, Rosti. I know Mihalela the brewer of Fabric’s beer. I have no financial connection with either company and full price was paid for my orders.

Top 8 Best Beers to buy online

These are so good that they will make it into another 100beers order soon:

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