No-confidence vote brings down Romania’s Dăncilă government

Romania’s Parliament voted on October 10 to approve a motion of no confidence in the Viorica Dăncilă social democrat government.

The vote was approved with 238 votes in favour, five more than the threshold required.

Dăncilă will serve as caretaker Prime Minister pending consultations by President Klaus Iohannis with political parties and the naming of a Prime Minister-designate who will have the task of forming a government.

To be approved, a new government will require 233 votes in favour. Should Romania’s Parliament reject two proposed governments in succession, the country will have to hold early parliamentary elections. Romania is scheduled to go to the polls in scheduled presidential elections on November 10, with a second round on November 24 if the first is inconclusive.

Ludovic Orban, leader of the main opposition PNL, said: ““The nightmare that Romania has been experiencing for three years is over. Parliament has dismissed the PSD government, which has been exploiting Romania like no other for the past 30 years. I thank President Iohannis for his decisive involvement in the success of this process”.

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