The Black Sea is Romania’s ‘gold’

Up to 6.3 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year is what the Neptun Deep field under the Black Sea can offer Romania. The American major Exxon Mobil has been commissioned to explore this field on behalf of Romania.

Exxon Mobil Romania lead country manager Richard Tusker announced the news at a conference on energy issues and Romania’s upcoming presidency of the EU next year.

Should the amounts be confirmed, Romania would be able to cover much of the domestic market’s needs, with current production at about 11 billion cubic metres, according to the Agerpres news agency.

The discovery of the Neptun Deep reserve in the Black Sea has enabled Bucharest to support and “strengthen the country’s economy,” and in the long run – according to Tusker – the possibility of raising government revenues and developing other sectors of the industry in connection with the production and utilisation of natural gas reserves.

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