Minor earthquakes rattle Bulgaria and Greece

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Two minor earthquakes, one in Greece and one in Bulgaria, have occurred in the past few hours.

At 6:05am locat time, an earthquake shook Northern Greece. It had a magnitude of 3.9, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre. This tremor’s epicentre was located very close to the Bulgarian border, 9 kilometres north of the Greek settlement of Néon Petrítsion, and 149 kilometres south of Sofia, the Bulgarian capital.

This earthquake was most likely felt in parts of southern Bulgaria as well.

A few hours earlier, at 1:50am, another earthquake was registered, in this case on Bulgarian territory. The magnitude was 3.1. The epicentre was located 15 to the south-west of Chirpan in Central Bulgaria, 35 kilometres east of Plovdiv, and 164 kilometres east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

This particular tremor in Bulgaria took place in a depth of 10 kilometres. At this stage it is unclear whether it was felt by residents in or around Plovdiv.

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