Bulgarian PM Borissov: EU should create its own collective defence

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov said on June 5 that the way to save money and still have a reliable defence is for the European Union to set up a collective defence and become a “collective member” of Nato.

Borissov was speaking in Sofia at a conference on the future of Europe. The conference brought together former prime ministers, foreign ministers of recent decades, among others.

He said that suddenly it had been “fashionable” to spend billions on defence, when years ago the talk was of disarmament.”Why not just make a common European defence? ” Borissov said.

“Suddenly, we all started to race, how many tanks Bulgaria has, how many Germany has, how many France…Do we need so many tanks, do we need so many planes in all those countries separately, when we could sit with the military and say, ‘the EU with its own defence costs so much, and defends us as a whole’?”

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