Union of Bulgarian Transport Workers to protest at Kulata border checkpoint with Greece on May 29

The Union of Bulgarian Transport Workers says that it is going ahead with a protest at the Kulata border checkpoint with Greece on May 29, contradicting a statement by Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry that the protest had been called off.

The transport workers are unhappy about continuous long delays in lorries being able to get across the border checkpoint. The union plans for the protest on Monday to be a peaceful one and says that the border will not be blocked. It says that dozens of drivers will participate in the protest.

Contrary to the assurances of the Ministry of Interior that agreements have been reached with the domestic carriers and tensions have eased, the protest is going ahead at 10am on May 29.

“No talks have been made with me, no talks have been held with representatives of the Initiative Committee organizing the protest, we have not received any agreements, so the protest will take place,” said Alexander Stamboliiski, vice-president of the Union of Bulgarian Transport Workers.

Transport workers are insisting that there should be a solution problem of the huge queues of lorries at Kulata that force carriers to wait for hours to cross into Greece.

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(Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint, photo: Anton Lefterov)