Average agricultural land price per 1000 sq m in Bulgaria rose 4% in 2016 – statistics institute

The average price of 1000 square metres of agricultural land in Bulgaria in 2016 was 761 leva (about 389 euro), the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on April 24.

This was four per cent higher than in 2015, the NSI said.

In comparison with 2015, an increase was reported in the price of all land use categories. In permanent grassland the price increased by 19.4 per cent, in orchards by11.3 per cent, in vineyards by 9.1 per cent and arable land by 1.2 per cent.

According to the NSI, the average price of 1000 sq m of permanent grassland was 271 leva, of orchards 534 leva, vineyards 370 leva and arable land 770 leva.

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(Photo: Andreas Krappweis/freeimages.com)