Bulgarian Cabinet adopts cyber security policy

Bulgaria’s Cabinet adopted on July 13 a national cyber security policy, entitled “Cyber Resilient Bulgaria 2020”, a step taken against a background of repeated cyber warfare attacks on state and government websites.

Among the most severe attacks on Bulgarian websites was a series in late 2015, as the country held a national referendum on electronic voting.

Some, including President Rossen Plevneliev, saw the attacks as an attempt to discredit the concept of electronic voting, even though the cyber attacks were of a kind irrelevant to voting online.

Emanating from abroad, the cyber attacks included denial-of-service attacks that took offline the sites of a number of state and government institutions, including bodies in charge of law enforcement, intelligence and elections.

The document envisages the appointment of a national co-ordinator to oversee the implementation of an action plan on cyber security.

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(Photo: jainapoorv/freeimages.com)