Increased security causes long queues of vehicles at Bulgaria’s border crossings with Turkey

Long queues of lorries and cars formed at Bulgaria’s border crossings with Turkey at the Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo checkpoints as a result of stepped-up security measures after the Paris terrorist attacks.

Bulgarian Border Police had warned on November 14 that enhanced security measures would result in slower processing of identity documents at Bulgaria’s border checkpoints with Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia.

Everyone crossing the frontier was being checked, irrespective of whether they were citizens of European Union or other countries, according to a report by public broadcaster Bulgarian National Radio.

A 12km queue of lorries formed at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint at the Turkish frontier on November 15, BNR said. The night processed 418 goods lorries crossing from Turkey and 351 crossing into Turkey.

After Bulgarian authorities issued orders to step up security in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, gendarmerie and police took up positions at the weekend at airports, other strategically important sites and various state institutions.

Places where additional uniformed and plainclothes security personnel were deployed included sports, cultural and entertainment events, the Presidency and Cabinet offices in Sofia, Parliament and shopping malls.

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