Right Sector threatens Kyiv gay pride march

Anti-gay groups in Ukraine, including the militant Right Sector, are threatening to stop a gay pride march planned for June 6.

Referring to the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, the Right Sector — which fields a battalion of soldiers to fight against Russia in eastern Ukraine — called gay people “perverts” who “need to be cured” and promised to “prevent this sodomist gathering.”

“There will be thousands of us,” Right Sector spokesman Artem Skoropadskyi told the Kyiv Post.

The parade named Equality March will take place on June 6 in Kyiv.

The organizers keep time and place secret until the last moment for safety reasons.

On the morning of the day of the event, the details of the place and time will be sent out to the participants who registered online.

The annual gay prides are often haunted by ultra-conservatives.

In 2012, unknown men attacked and beat up gay rights activist Svyatoslav Sheremet on the day of a planned gay pride that was cancelled because of security reasons.

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(Photo: Patrik Millikin/sxc.hu)