Greek government refutes scenarios on early elections

The government’s negotiations with its lenders, the “red lines” and retreats, are points of confrontation not only between the government and opposition and media, but within the government in Athens too.

In a TV interview at the weekend, Syriza’s parliamentary spokesman Nick Phillis disagreed with MEP Kostas Chrysogonos, who suggested snap polls if the result of the negotiation with the Brussels Group is different from Syriza’s pre-election promises.

“There is no way the agreement that the government will reach with the lenders will not by accepted by the government majority”, Phillis said. He added however that “the government will make a mutually acceptable compromise, and this compromise requires taking a step back. They will not be unpopular, they will not be austerity measures”.

Minister of state Alekos Flabouraris, speaking on the morning show of Skai television, was similarly confident that a deal with creditors was close. “Elections are neither the at the back nor the front of my mind, because there is no reason [to hold them]”, he said.

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