Azov battalion spearheads Ukrainian counter-offensive

Ukraine’s Azov B​attalion, famed for its near-suicidal bravery and ​ultra-nationalist ​views, is spearheading a Ukrainian counter-offensive along the country’s Black Sea coast ​today.

Posting a picture of their troops on February 10 outside Pavlopil town hall, about 35km​ northeast of their base in the strategic port city of Mariupol, the battalion said that it had also seized the villages of Oktyabyr and Shyrokyne on their way to assault the Russian and separatist-held city of Novoazovsk.

“Ukrainian flags are already flying on government buildings in Pavlopil, Oktyabyr and Shyrokyne,” Azov Battalion press officer Andrii Biletskovo told the Kyiv Post live from the offensive.​

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(Photo: (c) Anastasia Vlasova/The Kyiv Post)