Czech Republic: Festival of Freedom marks the Velvet Revolution

Numerous events are planned in the Czech Republic to celebrate 25 years since the Velvet Revolution. Some 16 civic groups and organisations are joining together to present concerts, films, discussions and public happenings.

The majority of events for the Festival of Freedom (Festival Svobody) will be in Prague, but some will take place in other Czech cities as well as in Slovakia.

“Freedom, in a fragile democratic society, must still be striven for. The point is that we have the chance. It is not so hard to lose it. Fortunately, we are convinced that young people have democratic thinking engrained in them, and freedom is important to them. In any case, there is something to celebrate – 25 years of freedom is something that in the history of our country we never before experienced,” said Vít Rozehnal, a borad member of Opona, one of the participating civic organizations.

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