Ukraine denies using artillery in cities despite mounting evidence

Over the past several days shells have regularly been crashing into buildings in central Donetsk leaving gaping holes in brick facades and shattered windows.  At least one person was killed in the shelling and several more have been injured.

Officially Ukrainian authorities deny shelling civilian areas, but with mounting evidence increasing doubt is being cast on those assurances.  The United Nation’s nearly doubled its estimate for the number of people killed in eastern Ukraine to 2086 as of August 10 from 1129 on July 26.

In central Donetsk residential buildings, a hospital, and a dentist office have all been hit near a prime target for Ukrainian forces: the rebel headquarters located inside the seized security services building.

Anatoly, a pro-Kyiv resident of Donetsk’s Hrabari district, an area controlled by separatist, said he had witnessed dozens of shells being fired from a westerly direction towards his neighborhood and the surrounding fields. He declined to give his last name, fearing retribution on top of his existing troubles surviving in the war zone.

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