Film review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It doesn’t even need to be said, but I will say it anyway: Marc Webb is infinitely better at handling Spider-Man than Sam Raimi ever was. Perhaps it also has to do with Andrew Garfield, the actor at the center of the drama, in whose hands Peter Parker remains slightly awkward but never veers close to being as utterly pathetic as the character portrayed by Toby Maguire.

That being said, this second installment of the Webb-directed reboot of the Spider-Man franchise is a bit disappointing compared with the breath of fresh air that was the first film, and there are moments in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when viewers may find themselves wishing these stories don’t get stretched out over three films but that the producers had found some way to make one film and let it suffice.

Of course, the reaction from Hollywood is always going to be resounding ha-ha, or perhaps a golden middle finger pointed in the direction of the critics. After all, The Amazing Spider-Man, released in 2012, has made three-quarters of a billion dollars thus far, which explains why these things usually take the form of middling trilogies rather than a mind-blowing standalone.

Another reason for making multiple films is the many villains that rise and fall, and considering the significant fan base of the original Marvel Comics series, the filmmakers would suffer the wrath of these fans if they were to tinker with or ignore characters such as Electro or Mystique or the Green Goblin.

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(Still of Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Photo by Niko Tavernise – © 2013 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)