Andrej Kiska elected as Slovakia’s president

Andrej Kiska will be the president of Slovakia for the next five years. Kiska, who is the first-ever independent candidate with no political background whatsoever to win the presidential election, received 59.39 per cent of the vote, while Prime Minister Robert Fico, the official candidate of the ruling Smer party, garnered the support of 40.61 per cent of the voters, according to the official results announced by the Central Election Commission on March 30. The term of President Ivan Gašparovič’s term ends in June.

In the second round, Kisla collected 1 307 065 votes while Fico was backed by 893 841 people. Fico won the first round of the election with 28 per cent of the vote with 531 919 people backing him, Kiska finished just four per cent behind at 24 per cent, backed by 455 996 voters, according to the official results.

Voter turnout was 50.48 per cent.

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