Slovakia’s presidential elections: Run-off campaign heats up

Campaign fever is spreading as Prime Minister Robert Fico faces philanthropist Andrej Kiska in the presidential election second round run-off March 29. Surprising statements in recent days indicate it may be getting to the candidates, including those already out of the race.

In a shift, Fico recently recommended that Supreme Court President Štefan Harabin – a long-time ally – not run for re-election arguing that he “divides the judiciary”. The premier went on to say that “these are not times when states should join other countries which would attack within NATO”, a reference to tensions with Russia in neighbouring Ukraine. Media reported the serving prime minister as saying that if for any reason he fails to win sufficient support of his voters he would reconsider ending his political career altogether. Fico, during a debate organised by HNonline, called the report gossip, adding: “If I want to state something similar, I would tell it to cameras”.

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