Erdogan accuses judges, district attorneys of ‘conspiracy’

After the “international centers of power” and the “interest rate lobby conspiracy”, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has now decided to accuse the Turkish judges and district attorneys. He is “attacking” them for the corruption scandals they are investigating and revealing.

Erdogan clearly accused the district attorney Muamer Akkas, who was investigating the corruption scandal that included the bribes that the turkish Prime Minister’s son was accused of having taken, but after the intervention of the government the case file was given to other district attorneys.

“There are members of the justice system who are acting like members of a gang. They listen in conversations, they watch everything and try to slander the name of innocent people. They leak information to the Mass Media. no district attorney has the right to do this. A district attorney made a statement to the mass media. He should tell us who he is working for. I bluntly accuse him of working for someone. We shall see what the Supreme Council of Judges and district attorneys will do”.

Erdogan is trying to turn the tides from his ministers’ resignations and the bribes that the general manager of the Turkish bank Halkbank is accused of having taken, and regards the people’s opinion about the accused as being more important than the work of justice.

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(Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: Nilgun Gulcan)