Slovakian PM Fico easily survives combative vote

Claims that a major gas deal between the state and a financial group was masterminded by the latter led to an attempt to sack Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico for what the opposition insists are signs that his government is beholden to oligarchs. But the dominance of Fico’s Smer party in parliament saw the government easily survive a September 19 no-confidence vote which the prime minister called “absurd”.

Fico went on to say that the opposition wants to punish his government for efforts to keep household gas prices low. Of the 142 deputies present for the vote, 59 of 60 members of the opposition voted against the government. Meanwhile, 82 Smer deputies backed the government.

Shortly after the vote, Fico said he is willing to face no-confidence motions in parliament every week in exchange for lower household gas prices, the SITA newswire reported.

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