Books: The Last Bohemians

One of the most common sights in Prague in the 1990s was an expat sitting at a café with a primitive laptop slaving away on the “great Prague novel.” The city was supposed to be the new Paris, just waiting for its Hemingways and Fitzgeralds to show up.

Kit Kimberly, a former reporter from the early days of The Prague Post, just published her fictionalized account of that era called The Last Bohemians.While it is not the “great novel” – she admits it has flaws and could still use a bit of editing before a second edition – it does capture the time right before every other corner had a Starbucks instead of a rundown kavárnaand most movies played in the neighborhood kino instead of a shopping mall.

She began work on the novel in 1996 and had several publishers look at it, all of whom stumbled over how to categorize the book. It has some thriller elements, a bit of romance and a journey of self-discovery.

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