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  • Czech PM-designate faces parliament opposition
    June 26, 2013, by The Sofia Globe staff

    Czech president Milos Zeman’s nomination of long-time ally Jiri Rusnok as prime minister-designate has been opposed by the largest parties in the country’s parliament, local media reported. The nomination comes […]

  • Floods cost Budapest 10 million euro
    June 26, 2013, by The Budapest Times

    Budapest City Council has claimed three billion forint (about 10 million euro) from the central budget to cover the cost of dealing with the flood that hit various areas this […]

  • Three Super-Earths discovered
    June 26, 2013, by VOANews

    Astronomers have discovered three new planets orbiting in the habitable zone around the star Gliese 667C. The habitable zone is where temperatures would allow liquid water to exist. Counting the […]