Romania, Bulgaria discuss hydro-power plant on Danube

Romania and Bulgaria are discussing opening a jointly managed hydro-power plant on Danube, Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta said, just a few days after the inauguration of the second bridge on Danube, linking the town of Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania).

“A new hydro-power plant,” Ponta answered briefly when asked by reporters what other project he would worked on with his Bulgarian counterpart Plamen Oresarski with whom he met late last week in Sofia.

Ponta emphasised that such a project would prove of high utility for both Romania and Bulgaria.

“I have taken the opportunity of this visit to Sofia to discuss the most important common projects with the new prime-minister and new government. (…) More important is how we can cooperate in energetic projects (…) we have spoken about projects implemented through European projects, the Danube Strategy and about several common investments we could make, such as a new hydro-power plant on Danube,” Ponta said.

„We have the potential, we also have investors, we just have to carry it out” he said.


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(Photo: ionutp)