Protesters gather at Istanbul bridge

Turkish protesters set up barricades in the streets and appeared to regroup at a bridge in Istanbul Sunday, hours after security forces uprooted them from their demonstration hub in a central Istanbul square.On Saturday, Turkish riot police stormed Taksim Square and the adjoining Gezi Park, firing tear gas and water cannon after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that security forces would clear the area.Panicked protesters fled to the side streets but pledged to return.The prime minister lashed out at what he called the “plot” behind the biggest street protests in his 10 years in power. He has called for a pro-government rally in Istanbul later Sunday.

The protests began over the prime minister’s plan to turn the park into a mall. They have evolved into anti-government demonstrations that have spread across the country.

Thousands in Ankara and Izmir also protested against the Erdogan’s ruling AK Party on Saturday.

On Friday, the prime minister told protesters he would put redevelopment plans for the park on hold until a court rules on them, and hold a referendum if the court rules in the government’s favor.