Bulgaria’s 2013 elections: Protesters briefly clash with police in Sofia

Several dozen protesters, carrying torches and Bulgarian flags, briefly clashed with police outside the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia after the end of Election Day on May 12.

The protesters congregated outside NDK, the traditional site where political leaders assemble for their post-election news conferences, and chanted against political parties, demanding that the elections are declared invalid.

At one point, however, the protest turned violent, with protesters trying to jump over the metal fences and pushing against the police line.

Television images showed the police stopping the protesters, who started to chant “mafia” and unfurled a large Bulgarian flag.

The protesters congregated earlier in the day at the Orlov Most bridge in central Sofia, a traditional venue for political and environmental protests over the years.

Later, they moved to NDK, briefly blocking traffic on Vitosha Boulevard, before being stopped by the police fences.

(Photos: Leah Sawyer)



Alex Bivol

Alex Bivol is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Sofia Globe.