Serbian parliament endorses agreement with Kosovo

The majority of Serbian parties represented in parliament supported the agreement about normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

The agreement that had been initialled in Brussels on April 19 and the current dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina were the  opportunity for Serbia to try to defend its national interests in a different way than before, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic emphasised. Dacic, who is the leader of Socialist party of Serbia, said that “at this moment Serbian Government is maybe condemned by someone, but future generations would respect its courage in resolving the Kosovo issue”.

Brussels agreement did not grant the  independence to Kosovo, and Serbia had no alternative other than to accept it,  Veroljub Arsic, MP from Serbian Progressive Party, which is pivotal part of the Government, said in the Parliament. “This agreement would not give independence to Kosovo, neither the membership of  the United Nations. What shall we get by rejecting the agreement, auto-isolation?”, Arsic said. The people of Serbia accepted the plan, he suggested.

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