‘Last warning’ before CEE docs get tough on pay

Medical unions in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland will stage a joint protest on 20 November against their governments’ health policies, head of Hungarian Doctors’ Association János Bélteczki announced on Monday.

Speaking at a press conference after submitting a petition to the State Secretariat for Health, Bélteczki said the action by the unions of the four countries that make up the Visegrád Four would be symbolic and would not affect medical care. But “tougher means” would be used if governments fail to respond to the demands of the medical profession following this “last warning”, he said. Mass resignations and strikes could potentially involve doctors and primary care workers.

Health state secretary chief of staff Attila Beneda said consultations on salaries will resume by the beginning of next year.

Read the full story in The Budapest Times.

(Photo: Paul Barker/sxc.hu)