Movie review: The Dark Knight Rises

Who could have guessed all this action franchise needed to rise from its own ashes was Anne Hathaway in a tight black costume?

Despite the title, this is the end of the tale of Batman, but it is a tale that has been put on the big screen with more screenwriting detail and filmmaking passion than almost any other film about a superhero. Time and again, director Christopher Nolan has proved himself one of today’s finest writer-directors, a man whose talent as a storyteller is only matched by his talent as a maker of thrilling action films, and his decision to add Hathaway to the mix as a sexy thief of expensive jewels was a brilliant casting coup.

Nolan has written and directed all three films in this series, which also comprises Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. In between those two films, he kept his creative juices flowing by making more high-brow and (some would argue) even better films, namely The Prestige and the groundbreaking, mind-bending Inception.

The Dark Knight Rises is inextricably linked to the previous films in the series and for those unlucky few who have not seen the other films, an advance crash course would be a very good idea, as the most significant characters from the other two films (villains excluded, for obvious reasons) make another appearance here.

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