Bulgarian consumer confidence increased between January and April 2018 – statistics institute

Consumer confidence among Bulgarians was 1.8 percentage points higher in April 2018 than in January, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on May 9, reporting the findings a regular three-month survey.

Confidence was up among both city-dwellers and people living in rural areas, by one and 4.1 percentage points, respectively, the NSI said.

While consumers had a slightly more negative view about the development of the economic situation in Bulgaria over the past 12 months, their expectations about the next 12 months had improved.

Bulgarians living in cities had a certain optimism about the financial stiuations of their households, while people in country areas were slightly more negative than they had been three months before, the NSI said.

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(Photo: Carsten Gueth/freeimages.com)