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  • Turkish election outcome could shape Syria policy
    May 27, 2015, by Dorian Jones of VOANews

    The latest opinion polls in Turkey are predicting that the ruling AK Party could lose its majority in parliament in the June 7 election. Analysts warn a significant change in foreign […]

  • Russia begins major air force exercise
    May 27, 2015, by VOANews

    Hundreds of Russian warplanes and thousands of troops began a major military exercise Tuesday, coinciding with Arctic maneuvers by NATO forces. The separate exercises come at a time of increased […]

  • Macedonia: A pawn in the Russian geopolitical game?
    May 27, 2015, by Deutsche Welle

    The political crisis in the small Balkan country of Macedonia has caught Moscow’s attention. It might be developing into a new arena for the ongoing standoff between Russia and the […]