Opinion poll: Syriza leads by five points in Greece’s European Parliament elections

An opinion poll conducted by Palmos Analysis for Tvxs shows Greece’s main opposition SYRIZA leading by 5 points in voting intention for the European Parliament elections on May 25.

The majority of citizens believe that the opposition party will be the next government, but opinions are divided in regard to whether a victory by SYRIZA would bring political instability to the country.

More specifically, SYRIZA gathers 25.3 per cent and New Democracy (ND) 20.3 per cent in voting intentions, followed by Far-right party Golden Dawn with 5.7 per cent, the newly founded “River” with 5.4 per cent, Elia with 4.9 per cent, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) with 4.6 per cent, the Independent Greeks with 3.6 per cent, DIMAR with 2.6 per cent, LAOS with one per cent, while the Ecologists Greens’s rates are below one unit (0.9 per cent). About 13.3 per cent were undecided.

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(Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras. Photo: PIAZZA del POPOLO/flickr.com)