Romania’s Basescu calls for internal debate on union with Moldova

Romanian president Traian Basescu called on January 6 2014 for an internal debate on union with the Republic of Moldova, arguing that the former Soviet republic needs an alternative in case its pro-European course is reversed following elections this year which are expected to be won by the pro-Russian communists.

But Basescu said that the debate should not involve or concern Moldovan politicians, following a spate of acid reactions from Chisinau to a series of statements Basescu had previously made on the union topic.

“In Romania, there has to start an internal debate whether Romanians agree or not with the union with the Republic of Moldova, a debate that doesn’t have to concern the politicians in Moldova. Why? In the event a turn of Moldova towards the Eurasian Union is predictable, Romania has the obligation to offer Moldova the possibility to continue its European course through a union with Romania (…) Romania has to offer this alternative,” the Romanian president said in a talk show hosted by B1 TV.

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