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February 3, 2018, by Imanuel Marcus

Bulgarian neo- Nazis, skinheads, so-called patriots and other haters are gearing up for their big event which they think will take place on February 17 in Sofia. They have been […]

Storm causes injuries and damage in Western Bulgaria

February 3, 2018, by Imanuel Marcus

Hurricane-strength winds have injured people and caused damage in Sofia and in other parts of Bulgaria on Saturday. Bulgarian-language publications re ...

Job opening in Bulgaria: Sofia Municipality wants air quality person

February 3, 2018, by Imanuel Marcus

On Saturday morning, the air in Sofia could not have been better. The Particulate Matter concentration was as low as it should be: 15µg/m³ in most a ...

Sofia Airport: A haven for intra-EU flights

February 2, 2018, by Imanuel Marcus

Where do we fly from Sofia Airport? Well, anywhere we want. For long intercontinental flights, we need to hop on connecting flights at larger airports ...