Nord Stream ΙΙ vs US shale gas: When Washington provokes Brussels

The American administration is openly provoking the institutional functioning of the EU and the free will of each member country, as pressure from Donald Trump is exacerbating Germany to abandon the plan to complete the second leg of the Nord Stream pipeline, which will boost exports of natural gas gas from Russia to Europe.

In any case, this project has divided the EU as the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are opposed to the construction of the Nord Stream II pipeline; the main argument is Russia’s increasing commitment to Europe in this way, constantly reminding the example of Ukraine.

The EU institutions are also divided, with the European Parliament adopting a different strategy on the matter by the European Council and the European Commission, putting forward, as the case may be, the reason for abandoning the Nord Stream II pipeline or the need to protect the environment, the economic relations of the Russian-German co-operation.

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